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Public Administration Review (PAR) is the preeminent professional journal in the field of public administration research, theory and practice. It is the only journal in public administration that serves both academics and practitioners interested in the public sector and public sector management. Articles identify and analyze current trends, provide a factual basis for decision making, stimulate discussion, and make the leading literature in the field available in an easily accessible format. With lively book reviews and a wide range of topics, PAR is an exciting read and an indispensable resource.

This site features an archive of PAR‘s 75th Anniversary and 75 Most Influential Articles. It also includes new publication content, such as Virtual IssuesIssue Previews, Podcasts, and Contributor Information. You can also Connect with PAR on a variety of platforms and social media.

In 2015, we celebrated our 75th Anniversary. Join us in 2016 as we begin the Second 75 with Volume 76!


The long, influential future I envision starts with a single issue. The current issue is noteworthy as a window into things to come. It includes our second meta-analysis in the last three issues, a new feature on evidence in public administration, and a symposium on experiments in public administration.

My wildest dream is that this issue will be recognized as a turning point in processes and methods that will become hallmarks of a future public administration, one characterized by robust practitioner–scholar dialogue, experimental methods that rigorously test administrative practices, and reliance broadly on evidence to guide our paths. Regardless of what the future brings, this issue reflects that PAR , the premiere professional journal in public administration globally, is well positioned to lead as it begins its second 75 years of publication.

— James L. Perry, Editor in Chief

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