Toward a Definition of the Coproduction Concept


Brudney, Jeffrey L., and Robert E. England. 1983. Toward a Definition of the Coproduction Concept. Public Administration Review 43(1): 59-65.

This is one of the earliest papers to elaborate the concept of coproduction and draw out its theoretical and applied consequences.  Though this piece was written based on earlier works like Whitaker’s article published in PAR in 1980 (Coproduction: Citizen, Participation in Service Delivery), this provide a conceptual and theoretical foundation for future research on coproduction. The paper directly addresses the academic and policy audiences that PAR serves, and thus is a paper in the best spirit of the journal.   The annual 2.17 citation rate reflects its continuing relevance to scholars of coproduction and citizen engagement, both within public administration and beyond. – Editorial Board

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