75 for the 75th



In honor of our 75th Anniversary our Editorial Board reviewed the over 3000 articles PAR has published since its inception in 1940.  Choosing the top 2% of those articles was a tall order.  Accordingly, we broke the past seventy-five years into five year increments and evaluated articles published during that time based on the following criterion as indicators of influence:

JSTOR Downloads

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PAR Awards

Average Per-Year Web of Science Citations

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SCOPUS Citations

On the Articles page, we have links to all seventy-five chosen articles that are hosted both on JSTOR and Wiley-Blackwell. We hope you enjoy this look back on how we as a discipline have developed over the years, and at the people and ideas that have influenced the work we do today.

Through the comments links we encourage you reflect on individual articles.  In the Notes section, let us know what you think.  What articles would you have chosen?  Which articles did you enjoy revisiting or discovering for the first time?  How has PAR influenced and informed the work you do? We look forward to hearing from you.

*The above wordle graphic took the words from the 75 most influential article titles and sized them according to use.  The larger the word, the more often it appeared.