Increasing Readership and Citations

IssueHere are 10 suggestions from Wiley on how to increase the readership for your article:

1. Your Library: If your library does not have access to your article, recommend a subscription to PAR using the Wiley Library Recommendation form.

2. University / Organization Media Relations Office: Send your article’s Wiley Online Library/“WOL” URL to your Media Relations office with a description so they can raise awareness.

To get a WOL URL, (a) Google: “Wiley Online Library [your article name]” (b) Open your article. (c) Copy the URL in the address bar (starts with “http://onlinelibrary…”) (d) Paste at will!

3. Faculty Website: Update your professional or faculty website with the WOL URL to your article to showcase your research and guide readers.

4. Email Signature: Add the WOL URL for your article or journal to your email signature as an easy way to tell colleagues about your latest publication.

5. Wikipedia: One of the first places people start their research about a topic is Wikipedia, so if you see a place for a link to your work in a Wikipedia page, sign in to Wikipedia or register and then add a link to your work on Wiley Online Library.

6. Social Media: Share your work with a link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other accounts. Engage with PAR‘s Social Media accounts and with Wiley Social Media accounts when possible. (Google: “Stay Connected With Wiley”).

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Visit Wiley Author Services to learn tips on how to track your accepted articles through production, how to nominate up to ten colleagues for free access, and much more.

8. Key Blogs, Websites or Listserves: Let your editor know if your article is mentioned on important sites in your field or is included in major outlets. If you know of upcoming news coverage and have a chance to weigh in, make sure that outlet has the article URL.

9. Email Table of Contents Alerts: Ensure you are up-to-date with the most recent research in your field by signing up for email Table of Contents Alerts. Register for a free account on Wiley Online Library and click “Get New Alerts” on any journal homepage.

10. Wiley Spotlight Apps: Wiley probably has an app in your subject, available for Apple and other
devices and free to download. The Wiley Spotlight Apps include journal abstracts, book recommendations, conference  information and more.


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