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Volume 77, Issue 6, November/December 2017

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Legacy and Stewardship
James L. Perry


Roadmap Needed to Address the Challenges Threatening the Nation’s Long-Term Fiscal Health
Gene L. Dodaro
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Help Borrowers, Don’t Hurt Them: Federal Credit Programs Need to Focus on Outcomes, Not Volume
Thomas H. Stanton


Kimberley R. Isett, Brian Head, and Gary VanLandingham, Editors


King County’s Journey in Institutionalizing Equity and Social Justice
Matías Valenzuela

 Social Equity and Evidence: Insights from Local Government
Susan T. Gooden


Bringing Rigor to the Use of Evidence in Policymaking: Translating Early Evidence
Daniel Max Crowley and J. Taylor Scott
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Rosemary O’Leary, Editor

Foundations of Relating: Theory and Evidence on the Formation of Street-Level Bureaucrats’ Workplace Networks
Muhammad Azfar Nisar and Spiro Maroulis


Can Transparency Foster More Understanding and Compliant Citizens?
Gregory A. Porumbescu, Meghan I. H. Lindeman, Erica Ceka and Maria Cucciniello

Leading the Implementation of ICT Innovations
Morten Balle Hansen and Iben Nørup

Electronic Patient Records: Confronting the Implementation Challenge
Kjeld Møller Pedersen

Diversity, Trust, and Social Learning in Collaborative Governance
Saba Siddiki, Jangmin Kim and William D. Leach

Local Capitalism and Civic Engagement: The Potential of Locally Facing Firms
Jill K. Clark and Matthew Record

Local Farms, Local Firms, Community Development, and Quality of Life: A Systematic Analysis
Julia Freedgood

A Cognitive Perspective on Policy Implementation: Reform Beliefs, Sensemaking, and Social Networks
Michael D. Siciliano, Nienke M. Moolenaar, Alan J. Daly and Yi-Hwa Liou

Are We Finally Ready to Attend to the Social Dimensions of Educational Reform?
Devin Vodicka

Not Seeing Eye to Eye on Frontline Work: Manager-Employee Disagreement and Its Effects on Employees
John D. Marvel

Show Who the Money? Teacher Sorting Patterns and Performance Pay across U.S. School Districts
Michael Jones and Michael T. Hartney

Asking the Right Question on Performance Pay—and Getting a Surprising Answer
Kate Walsh






Henry Lambright, Editor

Practicing a Virtuous Politics: Bill Bolling and the Atlanta Community Food Bank
John Clayton Thomas

Danny L. Balfour, Editor

Danny L. Balfour

The Promise and Perils of Reorganization
Ashley E. Nickels
Book reviewed: ReOrg: How to Get It Right by Stephen Heidari-Robinson and Suzanne Heywood (2016)

Will Our Volatile Times Change Public Administration?
Eric S. Zeemering
Book reviewed: The 21st Century Public Manager by Zeger van der Wal (2017)

Restoring Faith in Government: A Sisyphean Task?
Mary R. Hamilton
Book reviewed: Valuing Bureaucracy: The Case for Professional Government by Paul R. Verkuil (2017)

A Plea from a Former Careerist to Presidential Appointees
Susannah Bruns Ali
Book reviewed: The Presidential Appointee’s Handbook, Second Edition by G. Edward DeSeve (2017)

Elinor Ostrom: The Power and Peril of Multidisciplinary Research
Hindy Lauer Schachter
Book reviewed: Elinor Ostrom: An Intellectual Biography by Vlad Tarko (2017)

A Classic Revisited: In Praise of Red Tape
Marc Holzer
Book reviewed: Red Tape: Its Origins, Uses, and Abuses by Herbert Kaufman (2015)



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