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Volume 77, Issue 3, May/June 2017

Public Management Research Conference

June 8-10, 2017; American University, Washington, D.C.

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Moving Forward and Preparing for Transition
Richard C. Feiock and Gregg G. Van Ryzin

PAR Reviewers for 2016
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Not yet available. Check Early View for updates.


Can the Voices of Practitioners Be Further Amplified in Public Administration Review?
Kevin R. Kosar

The Disappearance of the Public Sector?
Beryl A. Radin

Not yet available. Check Early View for updates.

The Benefits of Military Experience in National Leadership
John Weaver

Rosemary O’Leary, Editor

Michael McGuire, Editor

What Causes Unethical Behavior? A Meta-Analysis to Set an Agenda for Public Administration Research
Nicola Belle and Paola Cantarelli


The Effect of Bureaucratic Responsiveness on Citizen Participation
Fredrik M. Sjoberg, Jonathan Mellon and Tiago Peixoto

Grounds for Optimism about Grounds for Optimism: New Digital Metrics for Government Responsiveness
David G. Robinson

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What Happens at the Polling Place: Using Administrative Data to Look Inside Elections
Barry C. Burden, David T. Canon, Kenneth R. Mayer, Donald P. Moynihan and Jacob R. Neiheisel

Understanding the Polling Place Experience
Brian D. Newby and Sean Greene

What Can Performance Information Do to Legislators? A Budget-Decision Experiment with Legislators
Labinot Demaj

Performance Information Impact on Legislators: A Blessing or Otherwise?
Michel Huissoud

 Managing in the Regulatory Thicket: Regulation Legitimacy and Expertise
Anna A. Amirkhanyan, Kenneth J. Meier and Laurence J. O’Toole Jr.

Citizen Expectations and Satisfaction in a Young Democracy: A Test of the Expectancy-Disconfirmation Model
Nicolai Petrovsky, Jue Young Mok and Filadelfo León-Cázares

Human Interest or Hard Numbers? Experiments on Citizens’ Selection, Exposure, and Recall of Performance Information
Asmus Leth Olsen

Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Collectivism, and Everything in Between: Prototypes and Continuous Dimensions
Aaron Schneider

What’s in a Name? Defining Social Entrepreneurship
Rick Aubry

Incentives in Third-Party Governance: Management Practices and Accountability Implications
Amanda M. Girth

Accountability and Maximizing the Value of Public Contracts
Barbara R. Johnson

W. Henry Lambright, Editor

City Manager in Three Countries: An Interview with Michael Willis
Evan Berman

Danny L. Balfour, Editor

Editor’s Introduction
Danny L. Balfour

On Attacking and Defending American Democracy
Michael W. Spicer

Book reviewed: Four Crises of American Democracy: Representation, Mastery, Discipline, Anticipation by Alasdair Roberts (2017)

The United States of America as Rechtsstaat: State and Administrative Law as Key to Understanding the Administrative State
Jos C. N. Raadschelders
Book reviewed: The Constitutional School of American Public Administration edited by Stephanie P. Newbold and David H. Rosenbloom (2016)

A Relational Grounding for (Urban) Governance: Street-Level Practices of Responsive Improvisation and Practical Change
Koen P. R. Bartels

Book reviewed: Conflict, Improvisation, Governance: Street Level Practices for Urban Democracy by David Laws and John Forester (2015)

Transforming Latin America—One Innovation at a Time
Abraham David Benavides

Book reviewed: Serving Citizens: A Decade of Civil Service Reforms in Latin America (2004-13) edited by Juan Carlos Cortázar Velarde, Mariano LaFuente, and Mario Sanginés (2014)



Case Reports and Open Source Work Products in PAR
David S. Reed

Not yet available. Check Early View for updates.


Symposium: Entrepreneurship in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors


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