Virtual Issue


Virtual Issue, November 2016

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Environmental Policy, Regulation, and Governance: An Introduction
Nives Dolšak and Aseem Prakash


The Politics and Reality of Environmental Justice: A History and Considerations for Public Administrators and Policy Makers
William M. Bowen and Michael V. Wells
Volume 62, Issue 6

Environment: A New Focus for Public Policy?
Lynton K. Caldwell
Volume 23, No. 1

Which Types of Environmental Management Systems Are Related to Greater Environmental Improvements?
Nicole Darnell and Y. Kim
Volume 72, Issue 3

Municipal Recycling Performance: A Public Sector Environmental Success Story
David H. Folz
Volume 59, Issue 4

Environmental Protection Versus Economic Development: A False Trade-Off?
Ronald C. Feiock and Christopher Stream
Volume 61, Issue 3

Environmental Policy as Learning: A New View of an Old Landscape
Daniel J. Fiorino
Volume 61, Issue 3

What Do We Know and Need to Know about the Environmental Outcomes of Collaborative Management?
Tomas M. Koontz and Craig W. Thomas
Volume 66, Issue s1

Voluntary Regulations and Innovation: The Case of ISO 14001
Sijeong Lim and Aseem Prakash
Volume 74, Issue 2

Campaign-Style Enforcement and Regulatory Compliance
Nicole Ning Liu, Carlos Wing-Hung Lo, Xueyong Zhan, and Wei Wang
Volume 75, Issue 1

Regulation and Compliance Motivations: Examining Different Approaches
Peter J. May
Volume 65, Issue 1

The Regulation Dilemma: Cooperation and Conflict in Environmental Governance
Matthew Potoski and Aseem Prakash
Volume 64, Issue 2

Lessons Learned From Two Decades of Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs and Processes at the US Environmental Protection Agency
Rosemary O’Leary and Susan Summers Raines
Volume 61, Issue 6

Devolutions and Innovation: The Adoption of State Environmental Policy Innovations by Administrative Agencies
Alka Sapat
Volume 64, Issue 2

Capacity to Sustain Sustainability: A Study of US Cities
XiaoHu Wang, Christopher V. Hawkins, Nick Lebredo, and Evan M. Berman
Volume 72, Issue 6

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